Classroom Materials & Resources

Super Teacher Worksheets
This website offers a variety of free printable worksheets for teachers. Handwriting worksheets for upper and lower case letter in both print and cursive are available on this site. This site has worksheets for math, reading & writing, grammar & phonics, science, social studies and more!

Cando's Helper Page
Great site for practice activities in the area of Reading. There are variety of activities on this site. Some activities are interactive while others are printable. The interactive activities can be completed as a class or at individual computers. This site also provides visual representations of learning certain concepts. The visual representations can be used to begin a new lesson or reinforce a concept being taught.

Professor Garfield
There are several great areas on this website. The first area to look at is the Teacher's Lounge. The Teacher's Lounge provides information about the website. Under instructional materials it helps you to find content on the site by grade level or standards. The Teacher's Lounge also has free printable materials and links to educational resources in the areas of phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. The Professor Garfield portion of this site has comics students can read (option for the computer to read to the student), an art and music section and a brain buster section which has word puzzle and number puzzles. The Reading Ring makes reading comprehension into a game and KB Kids is arranged by content areas in which you pick the grade level from K-6.

The Florida Center for Reading Research
This site is an excellent resource for teaching reading. All activities are research based and designed for Pre-K through high school students! There is a wealth of information on this site, but be sure to check out the Learning Center Activities. These are fun, and researched based, activities designed for kindergarten through fifth grade students. Teachers can download the quality center activities and then save and/or print the lessons.

Children's Choices
This site is part of the International Reading Association website and provides a list of the top books for the year as voted on by students from five regions in the United States who are provided copies of the top new books from the major publishers of children's literature. Co- sponsored by the Children's Book Council, the site has listings for top Children's books (K-6) and for Young Adult literature. It also has listings for top choices by teachers.

This is Verizon Foundation's literacy, education and technology initiatives site. The search engine is easy to use and taps into national teaching organizations and government sites. This site has great interactive games which are organized by themes and subjects. On the right hand side on the home page you can search for lesson plans by keywords, grade level, subjects and/or resource type.

Read Write Think
This site is funded by the International Reading Association and The National Council of Teachers of English. The information provided on this page is credible information. Lesson plan searches, interactive online student activities with lessons using these activities, and web resources are all provided by this site FREE!

Reading Rockets
The best of the three educational websites provided by WETA. Use the tool bar on the left to access numerous resources. This site offers many strategies for reading intervention, techniques for reading instruction, and a search of great books by theme or awards and an entire Educator’s sections with great ideas in reading. The other two sites provided by WETA, ColorinColorado! (a bilingual site for families and teachers of ELLs) and LDonline (a leading website on LD and ADHD), can be accessed from this site by clicking on their links at the bottom of this page.

Do 2 Learn
This site is an excellent resource for online/interactive activities and print-ables. The FREE AREAS offer ready to use communication tools and a variety of free interactive games for students for different topics. Under Activities there are a variety of subjects that have print-ables, activities or projects to go along with the subject. “These are the most well-designed and laid-out FREE print-ables I’ve ever found!” Use the site map for easy access to free printable materials (everything in the left and center columns are free).

PBS Teachers
On the top of this page you can choose a grade level and then an academic category you are interested in. There is also a search option where you can search for specific topics of interest. Activities that are retrieved from the search include which grade level the lesson in appropriate for. This search retrieves lesson plans, off-line activities, on-line/interactive activities, and videos that match the subject. This is an awesome site!

Education World: Lesson Planning Channel
This website offers a lot of information but the section on lesson planning has excellent resources. This link is a direct link to the lesson planning page. Use the toolbar on the left to navigate to all of the resources available. Tons of good ideas but DON’T MISS the Five Minute Fillers. These are excellent for keeping students engaged during times when students finish their work early and are waiting for others to catch up.

The National Science Digital Library
This site is specifically for science and math. On the left hand side of the home page under "Resources for... K-12 Teaches" it provides you with a starting point for a specific subject area. Once a more specific subject area is chosen it links you to a site specifically for that subject. If you have a specific topic you are looking for the advanced search can help you narrow down your result by topic, grade level and what type of format you are looking for (audio, data, image, interactive resource, text and/or video). "Science Refresher," under Browse on the left hand side of the home page, is also very beneficial. First you choose a grade level and then a subject. The subjects are organized into general groups which can be narrowed down to more specific topics. Once you narrow your search, links appear on the right hand side that are related to your topic and also list the resource type and grade level for which the link is useful for.

Library of Congress for Teachers
This is a Library of Congress site for teachers that allows access to primary sources from their digital collections. It has a great search engine that allows teachers to search for materials that meet state standards. You can also search through lesson plans, themed resources, primary source sets, presentations, activities, and collections. Rich digital resources and ALL FREE!

World Digital Library
The World Digital Library has, free of charge, historically relevant digital images from around the world. The site was proposed by the Librarian of Congress, James Billington, in 2005 and was developed through UNESCO. Contributing partners include over 100 national libraries from around the globe. The images include photos, books, maps, journals, manuscripts, newspapers, prints, motion pictures, and sound recordings. The holdings are not large at this point in time, but what is there is rich and diverse.

Classtools is a site that allows Teachers to create quizzes, diagrams and games that they will be able to use in the classroom. This site allows Teachers to tap into their creative side while teaching their students valuable information. After creating these different projects you can place them on your own websites, blogs, etc.

SMART Exchange
Smart Exchange is an interactive way for teachers to teach their students via Smart Board. This site is a good way for teachers to plan lessons for their student from a variety of topics while using the Smart Board in their classroom. This interactive way a learning will allow teachers and students to have fun while learning at the same time.