Collaborize Classroom

This website allows teachers to put extra materials online so students can enrich their learning as well work with groups in discussions. This site also provide teacher with an online grade book so both students and parents can track their work.

Wiki Sites
This is a free Google site for hosting a "wiki" page. Wiki sites allow multiple persons to collaborate using the same web space. For classrooms, wikis have been used by students in the same school or in different states and countries to collaborate on all kinds of projects. A great feature for classroom use is that a history is kept for each page: old files can be retrieved, and the contributions of each contributor can be tracked ---so in group projects, the teacher can identify who did what.

A free mind mapping site. Users create a name and password and then have access to a mind mapping tool. Multiple users can collaborate on the same site. Products can be embedded on websites and into other software programs.


Free Technology for Teachers
Written by current teacher, Richard Byrne, this blog not only provides a good amount of lesson plans that integrate technology, but provides up-to-date articles, videos and live podcasts about new technology.

Digital Anthology
Award-winning special-education teacher Maria Angala posts daily lessons and classroom videos featuring the current school years class of students. This is a very creative blog that focuses on each students unique strengths as individuals and allows visitors to get a first-hand look into the way the teacher is differentiating lessons and activities for each student.

Teacher to Teacher Blogs
The blog is written by Scholastic’s own team of teacher advisors on topics ranging from reader’s workshop to classroom management and organization. Posts are featured by grade level and provide educators with pictures and videos for almost every subject discussed.

A Year of Reading
This blog is written as a way to provide honest and up-to-date reviews on current and popular children's books. Reviewees are very teacher focused, providing reading levels and ways reviewed books can be used in the classroom.