Content Generators

Free study help for languages and vocabulary as well as other content areas. Allows teachers and students to make flashcards based on their study questions or use flashcards previously created by other users. Tons of possible study topics, including English flashcards for parts of speech. However, my favorite flashcards are the language flashcards, which are great in learning a wide variety of other languages, including: Spanish, French, and Chinese. These flashcards could also be used to support English Language Learners.

Study Stack
Provides both flashcards and games for studying purposes. You can select from created flashcards or design your own. Flashcards can be printed or downloaded to your iPod, cell phone, or pda. Subject areas include language arts, math, science, languages, geography, and history. In addition to flashcards, students can also complete word scrambles and word puzzles or play hangman or bug chase.

Spelling City
Great FREE award winning site that allows for both teachers or parents and students to teach and learn Dolch words and weekly spelling word lists. Once words are loaded, students can access a variety of interactive activities and games to review their spelling words. Students can also quiz themselves on their weekly spelling words lists. Teachers can load lists weekly or add all lists for an entire semester or year. Teachers can create their own lists from current curriculum, or use lists on a variety of topics, such as the literature connected lists. Users can also create and share lists created. Teachers can upgrade for a fee for even more features.