Digital Literacies

VoiceThread allows classrooms to be recorded and streamed to anywhere in the world! Slide shows can be made with the free version that allow for 3 minutes of phone commenting, 3 VoiceThreads at-a-time with up to 50 slides each, unlimited voice and text comments, and a large webcam commenting storage limit. This site is valuable for ALL students, including students with a variety of exceptionalities.

Animoto is a fast and free way for students and teachers to make unique videos from photographs. This is a great site to promote new literacies and engage and motivate students.

Aviary provides different online tools which can be used for creating artwork and music. Tools provide include: screen capture, image markup, image editor, vector editor, effects editor, audio editor, swatch editor, and music creator.

Love this site!! Allows users to create digital storybooks, cartoons, movies, sound bites. Possible uses for every student no matter their need.

Text Ease and Readability Assessor analyzes the readability of text using five measures for text complexity. It moves beyond traditional readability tools by calculating narratively, syntactic simplicity, word concreteness, referential cohesion and deep cohesion.

Reading Maturity Metric
Beta version of a tool to measure text complexity from Pearson.

Readability Formulas
Free tool that measures the readability of texts and provides results from seven popular readability formulas.


Project Gutenberg
Absolutely the best site for FREE e-book downloads, with no registration required! Project Gutenberg does appreciate any donations to offset costs. Over 33,000 titles are available for easy download. Select and download books by author, title, or category, to your computer, Kindle, Sony Reader, and more. Be sure to check out the CD/DVD Project! You can download several CDs, each containing hundreds to thousands of e-books. Easy download instructions are provided on the site!

Storyline Online
This is a really neat site! The Screen Actors Guild Foundation sponsors this site, which features Screen Actors Guild members reading children's books via streaming video. Currently there are 24 children's stories from which to choose. Kids would absolutely love to see these actors reading to them!

Book Share
Book Share is a source of digital books, specially targeted to the needs of students with disabilities. This resources are available FREE of charge to students with qualifying disabilities through funding from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). Materials, in addition to trade books and literature, include textbooks, newspapers and magazines.

Free Kid's Books
This site offers free books for kids that can be saved as .pdf files or read online. It also offers the books for sale.

Online Flipbook Converter
This tool that has a free non-membership option as well as a limited free membership allows you to convert .pdf files into flip books and read them online. Need paid membership to publish the flip book.

LibriVox contains an ever-growing collection of audiobooks, free of charge! Volunteers read and record books to be included in the collection. These audiobooks can be downloaded in a variety of formats, including mp3. Users can also subscribe to free podcasts.