ESL Tools

Google Translate
This is fantastic! It will translate any web page into another language (as long as you know the original language and what you want it translated into). Easy, too - on the homepage in the "Google Translate" box, type a URL. Then the From language and the Into Language - takes a minute, but is wonderful. LOTS of educational possibilities with this one!

Another option for those students struggling with learning a language. This site is a link to many language learning services, both free and paid, including live chats, access to online courses, speaking exercises, etc., with beginner to advanced levels. As a fun twist, language learners can be paired up to mentor and provide feedback to another member who is learning their language (an on-line form of peer tutoring and feedback!).

For your students who are interested in learning but learn best by talking (or are learning a language and need to practice pronunciation), this is a wonderful site. This site is like a social network, only uses voices rather than text. Could be a fun addition to language lessons. NOTE: We did not screen for content - so an "open" conversation is not recommended at this time. It's easy, however, to set up specific groups with restricted chats.

ESL Cafe

ESL cafe provides students with extra practice in the English language. This website offers links to lessons on grammar, lessons focused on informal conversational phrases and quizzes. This website is easy to navigate and offers a student forum; where students can ask questions and connect with others.

Learn That

This website provides ESL students and teachers to customize their practice. It allows students to pick their goals and the website will create focused resources to help students achieve that goal.

Teacher Phil

A YouTube site that focuses solely on pronunciation guides and words that are difficult in the English language.