Media Tools

Bit Strips (comic strips)
This website allows students to create and save custom designed comic strips. Users can design the background color, add characters, and speech bubbles to personalize their comic strips. This is a great activity to engage students, especially struggling students, in literacy activities.

Survey Monkey
Teachers can use this site to quickly and easily create online quizzes and exams. Templates include a choice of 15 different question types from which to select. Once all students have taken the quiz, teachers can analyze and compare student responses to determine the percentage of students who responded correctly do each question, in order to determine if reteaching is needed. Teachers can also use this site to create questionnaires for a variety of purposes, such as to gain parental input and feedback.

Content Acquisition Podcasts
This link goes to a vimeo video that describes how to make a CAP. It provides an overview of how to create a video podcast that adheres to instructional design principles and Mayer's Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (2009). An example of a CAP on Reconstruction can be found at

SAMR Model
This Educational Technology and Mobile Learning page breaks down the SAMR model (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) and provides a variety of resources on the subject of how to integrate technology.

Google Docs
Google docs is a free online application which is compatible with Microsoft Office. This is a useful program, especially for students who may have internet access, but do not have access to Microsoft Office software at home. Documents can be saved and stored online, in which case, they are accessible from anywhere. When stored online, users can participate in real time, on-line collaboration. Documents can also be converted into Microsoft documents. Google docs can be used to create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

This is a FANTASTIC free site for file conversion. It allows the user to browse for files on their computer or paste in a link to a file, choose the file type you want to convert it to, and then save the new file to your computer. It converts, sound files, picture files, document files, presentation files, and video files. For example, a picture file of a scanned document can be converted to a Word document, an mp3 file can be converted to a .wav file and vice-versa, video music clips can be converted to mp3 files, a video .avi file can be converted to an mpeg file etc. (another site that just does audio conversion is )

Quick Response Codes
This site allows you to create a QR Code that you can scan with an iPhone or iPad QR reader app. Can be an easy and fun way to make internet based activities available to students using iPads.

Images, Videos, Sounds, and Other Free Digital Resources

Easy search tool to find sounds in various file formats including WAV and MP3.

Fun, partly free, site that allows you to make quick, fun video slideshows.

NOAA Photo Library
Free digital library of photos from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They range from “the surface of the sun to the bottom of the sea.” Great stuff!!

Ookaboo: Free Pictures of Everything on Earth
Over 500,000 images that can be used for free and are suitable for k-12 students (according to the website).

Free photos for education.

Free site that allows you to view YouTube videos without the comments and suggestions that come with them on the YouTube site.  It “purifies” the viewing so to speak. You can paste in the link to the viewpure site or add their button to your toolbar.

Public Domain Images
This site has thousands of public domain images that you can legally use free of charge. They also have links to images that cost money, but the public domain images are easily accessible.

This page has a useful list of photo, music and art resources, much of it free.  Included are links to NASA, Smithsonian, and Library of Congress Flickr Streams along with off the beaten path sites like GeekPhilosopher and Absolute Sound Effects Archive.

NASA Image Exchange has thousands of images of space exploration and the solar system free for educational use.

Digital Library for Earth System Education supported by the National Science Foundation. The site has lesson plans, virtual field trips, scientific data and a host of digital collections that address the “Earth System.”

EyeWitness to History
This site has archives of eye witness accounts of different historical events. The accounts are in the form of photos, documents, videos, and radio broadcasts.

Teachers' Domain
Provides educators with free digital resources that include standard aligned lessons and lots of video clips from sources such as Nova, Frontline, and American Experience.