Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
This website has information and documents to support teaching in all major subject areas. Some of the areas have curriculum guides for teachers to use as well. There are also many videos, photos etc. that can be used to supplement materials that teachers already have and are using. This website has a lot of information but it's definitely worth taking a look. The site is easy to navigate.

Dictionary/thesaurus set up "graphic organizer-style", providing user with parts of speech and relationships of entered words. Scrolling over any of the given synonyms, antonyms or "fuzzynyms" gives the definition (and will even pronounce the word!). Easy and fun way to see relations between words and improve vocabulary.
This online dictionary gives the definition of requested words, but has a variety of other features that make this a really useful site. There's a nice flashcard feature that's relatively user-friendly, an encyclopedia, and a really nice translator feature (type in text and select a language from a list of 50+, hit "Translate", and voila!).

Visuwords Online Graphic Dictionary
Similar to Lexipedia, Visuwords defines words graphically. This sophisticated program gives more detail on the relations between words and their meanings, to include words or ideas that "are similar to", "pertain to", "is a member of" and "is a part of". May be a bit sophisticated for younger students, but is a great vocabulary/concept builder for the more sophisticated learner.

How Stuff Works
This website uses many different forms of media to explain concepts to its visitors. Provides articles, videos, animations and graphs explaining - well - how stuff works! Some is fairly sophisticated (like brain-computer interface), but some is perfect for younger learners. A wider variety of topics in this one - it's always worth a quick search if you're looking for something specific.

Information You Can Trust
This is really nicely organized site hosted by the iSchool at Drexel. You can find resources by subjects, special collections, in a "For Kids" section, and a "For Teens" area, but our favorite is the Newspapers and Magazines area, with news from around the world. What better way to have your students become more aware of the issues of our small planet than by reading local news - from the other side of the world!

App and Website Top Picks and Ratings
This site,, provides reviews of top educational apps and websites and lets you search by grade level and price.

What Works Clearinghouse
The What Works Clearinghouse was created by the Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences to research the scientific basis for educational practices. The group has a rigorous protocol that reviews the research behind many common practices and reports the relative effectiveness and amount of supporting evidence for each.

Visual Thesaurus Vocab Grabber
Analyzes text- copy and paste text into box and site provides you with important vocabulary words from text and how to use them. Use the thesaurus tool to quickly find the synonym of selected words. The cool feature of this site is the ability to use any text.