Universal Design For Learning

UDL Toolkit
This site is an AWESOME resource for teachers implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into their classrooms! The site contains a wealth of informative information on UDL principles and methods to include UDL into classroom lessons, including the UDL lesson builder. There are numerous tools, including audio books and text to speech software. Links to TONS of other great resources! For information on the principles of UDL and links to tons of their recommended sites go to http://www.udlcenter.org/aboutudl/udlguidelines

UDL Editions
This is a very engaging website. UDL Editions using digital media to reach all learners. Teachers can choose a selection of literature the necessary level of reading support, ranging from minimal to maximum support, to support each learner. The site teaches and reinforces the use reading strategies. The site reads to the student and is targeted to students ages 10 and above. Students can highlight words and phrases in various colors. Students can select portions of the text to look up in the dictionary or to conduct a Google search to gain meaning and understanding. Current available selections include Call of the Wild, The Tell-Tale Heart, and The Gettysburg Address.

Read With Me E-books
This site is designed for teachers and parents of young children and is focused on the development of early literacy skills. The FREE e-books are available in audio format, but can also be downloaded and printed in color for additional skills reinforcement. Each book focuses on a literacy skill, such as: phonological awareness, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. The books also contain embedded coaches, which provide prompts, hints, and skill information. There is also section for teachers and parents with additional literacy development fun activities and ideas.

CAST UDL Book Builder
Students can create, share, publish, and read digital books that engage and support diverse learners according to their individual needs, interests, and skills. This site is also a great way for teachers to create and share stories, including social stories. Books on the site can be saved and edited, as well as downloaded and printed. Text tools are also available on this site to as an additional reading support for students.